Diamond cubes

While assembling the ring, the idea was to sort the cubes dividing warm colours from cool colours, but it ended up different from what I had in mind. I like it anyway ^^ 

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I love folding bluebells and I have dozens of them scattered everywhere in my room. Had to arrange them somehow, so here’s my little composition :)

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Baby Panda, designed by Jacky Chan -  [make your own]

Folded by penguinorigami, from 1 6” x 6” square, no glue or tape.

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Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series


Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series

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"We look up at the same stars, and see such different things."
George R. R. Martin, A Storm of Swords (via oxygenic)

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EU slaps new economic sanctions on Russia →

The European Union has decided to slap new economic sanctions on Russia — including ones targeting the country’s vital oil industry — for what it sees as Moscow’s meddling in eastern Ukraine.

The sanctions will further curb access to European capital markets for Russian banks and firms, limit exports of certain high-technology goods and target more officials with travel bans and asset freezes, the EU said in statement.

The sanctions will take effect Friday following their publication in the EU’s official journal but will be reversible if the situation in eastern Ukraine improves. A review of the measures will be carried out in late September, the EU said.

Russia’s stock market and its currency tumbled on the news. Russia’s benchmark MICEX, which was rising Thursday morning, was down 1.2 percent in the afternoon. The Russian ruble fell to an all-time low of 37.51 rubles against the U.S. dollar.

A summit of EU leaders almost two weeks ago called for the new sanctions, but the measure were twice postponed to assess the impact of a cease-fire in eastern Ukraine. The United States has said it was also considering new sanctions and was expected to follow suit on Friday.

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